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DriveSavers Delivers Data Recovery Capabilities for SanDisk SSDs

SSDNew tools significantly reduce data recovery processes and costs for consumers

NOVATO, Calif. (November 10, 2014) – DriveSavers, the worldwide leader in data recoveryeDiscovery and digital forensic solutions, today announced advanced support of their data recovery tools for SanDisk SSDs. SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ: SNDK), a global leader in flash storage solutions, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solid-state drives (SSDs).

“We are honored to deliver our technology on SanDisk’s market-leading SSDs and are looking forward to maximizing the opportunity to recover our customers’ valuable data,” said Chris Bross, chief technology officer, DriveSavers. “This engagement will increase our rate of recoverability, expedite the laboratory process and reduce the cost of data recovery to the customer for SanDisk client SSDs.”

SanDisk has provided DriveSavers with technology, techniques and tools to assist in SSD recoveries that will help cut the time it takes to recover customer data. A new custom engineering workstation with specialized hardware and software components will enhance results by improving the diagnostic process and eliminate data corruption that can occur with trial and error recovery attempts.

Specific benefits to DriveSavers customers include lower data recovery fees for SanDisk SSDs, an expedited diagnostic triage period, and the best chance to recover valuable data.

“At SanDisk we are committed to providing industry-leading, reliable flash solutions that are powerful, efficient and allow consumers to improve system longevity and performance,” said Scott Glenn, senior manager of worldwide partner and business development, Client Storage Solutions, SanDisk. “Just as important is ensuring data protection. By working with DriveSavers we can increase customer confidence that their data is secure when it’s on a SanDisk SSD.”

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