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CryptoLocker Virus Thwarted

If you have been hit by the CryptoLocker virus, now there’s hope you can retrieve your files.

Researchers have turned the tables on suspected cyber criminals from Russia who used the CryptoLocker virus to extort millions from unwitting computer users all over the world.

FireEye and Fox-IT, two technology firms, developed a recovery program to unlock encryption associated with CryptoLocker.

Once inside a computer, the virus adds a level of encryption that requires a special key to unlock the affected data. The hackers then demand that victims pay hundreds of dollars to unlock their files, but with no guarantee that the thieves would follow through and provide a valid recovery key to unlock the encryption. DriveSavers has not yet verified or tested this solution, but it appears to be effective.

To guard against similar attacks, computer users should install and keep current copies of anti-virus software on their systems. Do not open any suspicious email or click on an unknown link, even if the message may appear to be from someone you know.

Here’s more basic protection advice from McAfee, the Internet security company.

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