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August 8–10: Flash Memory Summit Booth #832

Santa Clara, CA • August 8–10 • Booth #832
Flash memory is a key technology, enabling new designs for many products in the consumer, computer and enterprise markets. The Flash Memory Summit is the only place where you will hear the people making these products happen! Network with companies and people that will create the next generation of hardware and software at the Flash Memory Summit.
DriveSavers will be exhibiting at booth #832. Stop by to meet the experts in flash memory data recovery and learn what benefits we might have for you as a DriveSavers partner.
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Panel Discussion: Data Recovery of SSDs

Please join DriveSavers Chief Technology Officer Chris Bross for a panel discussion titled “Data Recovery of SSDs” as part of the “Data Recovery/Erasure” track at Flash Memory Summit 2017, August 8th 9:45–10:50 am at the Santa Clara Convention Center.
Session 102-A: Data Recovery of SSDs (Data Recovery/Erasure Track)
Organizer: Chris Bross, CTO, DriveSavers Data Recovery
Chairperson: Krishna Chander, Principal Analyst, Chander Consulting
Paper Presenters:

  • Improving Chip-Off Forensic Analysis for NAND Flash by Aya Fukami, Visiting Researcher, Carnegie-Mellon University
  • How the Emergence of 3D NAND Affects Data Recovery and > Erasure Verification by Robin England, Senior Research and Development Engineer, Kroll Ontrack
  • SMS Recovery from Raw NAND of Erased eMMC Chip by Alexander Sheremetov, CTO, Rusolut
  • Handling the Flash Translation Layer (FTL) When Performing Recovery and Erasure by Jon Tanguy, Technical Marketing Engineer, Micron
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