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5 Valentines Gifts That Protect More Than Your Relationship

Looking for something unique to give this Valentine’s Day? Something your partner might actually use and love for more than a few days? How about the gift of data security? I know, it doesn’t sound very romantic. But think again. Check out some of our top picks.

Use Digital Protection

Now that we have all become inseparable from our smartphones, more and more locations are answering the need for battery life with public charging ports. We can quickly and easily re-up our power supplies in the airport, at trade shows and conferences, coffee shops, shopping plazas and more.

While the widespread availability of phone charging avenues is wonderfully convenient, users risk exposing their devices to infected charging ports through which data theft and malware can occur, also known as “juice-jacking.”

Originally marketed as the “USB Condom” (yes you read that correctly), SyncStop is a handy little device developed by security firms and Xipiter. It protects a smartphone from “juice-jacking” and any other flow of data that may occur through unknown charging ports.

A SyncStop is the perfect portable gift for anyone who is a frequent traveler or regular user of public charging ports. As says on their product page for the USB Condom, “If you’re going to run around plugging your phone into strange USB ports, at least be safe about it.”

RFID-blocking Wallets

For the purpose of making in-store purchases even easier, many credit cards today can be read by the transfer of data through electromagnetic fields. This same “touchless” technology can be found in hotel room key cards, U.S. passports, state drivers licenses and more.

Called radio frequency identification (RFID), the problem with this technology is that anyone with the right equipment can scan credit cards and other items without notice, even when they are still stored in pockets, wallets or purses. What’s worse? The technology needed to commit this brand of theft is legal to purchase, easy to find and relatively inexpensive.

Replace your partner’s old, ragged wallet with a stylish new RFID-blocking wallet. Each of these wallets contains built-in technology known as a “Faraday cage” that blocks RFID transmissions and protects personal data.

Jewelry for Men and Women

Think a tech company has no business writing about jewelry? Think again.

In the old days, businessmen and women carted their printed documents and such back and forth to work using briefcases. These days, business mobility has become easier and more compact in the form of USB memory sticks.

Give your workaholic partner something pretty and practical—USB jewelry. Choices vary from chic and simple to full of bling—pendants, bracelets and more for her; wristbands, cufflinks and beyond for him.

Not only is USB jewelry techno-cool, it’s much more difficult for your loved one’s small memory stick to become lost or stolen when it’s being worn.

Never Lose Touch

Let your loved one know how important your communication is to you. Give a gift that will prevent a dead phone from ever standing in the way of reaching out to each other.

Portable options for charging smartphones on the go come in a growing variety of devices, from purely practical to striking and stylish. Sleek, small portable charging stations called power banks that can fit in your pocket and even handbags with built-in charging capabilities. There are also wearable chargers that come in the form of bracelets and other jewelry.

Not only do these easy-to-carry accessories prevent a smartphone from running out of battery, they also circumvent attacks against our innocent devices that may occur through use of public charging stations.

Data Loss Protection

Tell your partner, “what’s precious to you is precious to me.”

From tax records to music collections, data is often the most valuable thing we own. Help your loved one to protect against data loss with the thoughtful gift of a backup solution.

There are literally hundreds of data storage options to choose from for any price point, from cloud solutions to RAIDs to external hard drives. Want to go the extra mile? Our partner, ioSafe, provides backup solutions that are fireproof, waterproof, theft proof and even bulletproof. Don’t need protection quite that extensive? We’re also partnered with every major manufacturer of HDD and SSD external drives.

Of course, if your loved one has already lost data, DriveSavers data recovery advisors are available 24/7. Give us a call at 800.440.1904 and give your partner a gift that will really show how much you care—data recovery.

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