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TIME: Dial G for Geek

Fixing computers is not normally considered the most glamorous of jobs. But try telling that to employees of two top-tier tech-support firms — Geek Squad, a house-call service based in Minneapolis, Minn., and DriveSavers, a Novato, Calif., company that fixes fried hard drives around the country. Geek Squad boasts that its clients include U2, Ice Cube, Ozzy Osbourne and the Rolling Stones. DriveSavers touts its techno-healing work for Sean Connery, Sting, Adam Sandler and the Stones again.


When your hard disc dies, what do you do? Well, there’s a 90% chance that DriveSavers can retrieve your precious files within 48 hours, the fastest turnaround time in the data-recovery business. (When one of my Macs decided to delete all my old diaries, DriveSavers sent me a CD containing every lost file the next day.) The average price: $900. No wonder the company grossed $10 million last year, and is still growing.

The best thing about all these services? Absolutely no hold time. Now that’s star treatment!

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