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Have you ever lost an important document because your hard drive crashed? Whether it is an invoice that is due tomorrow, prior year tax documents or confidential business document you have been storing for years, losing data can be a painful experience. DriveSavers can recover lost data for you from a number of storage devices.

What is DriveSavers?

DriveSavers is a California-based company that specializes in data recovery. In business for over 30 years, DriveSavers is a high-end service that recovers data from drives, including computers, smartphones and digital cameras. Their clients include corporate businesses, the government and the general public.

Where are DriveSavers located?

DriveSavers are located in Novato, California. However, you do not have to visit them in person to use their service. Available online or via telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can always reach a DriveSavers representative on their website or at 800.440.1904. Their location is clean, secure and audited to assure industry compliance.

How Does It Work?

To use DriveSavers recovery service, one must contact the company for an estimate online or via telephone. Be sure to indicate what sort of files you are looking to recover, so they can customize your data recovery. Once your device is received, DriveSavers creates an image of the hard drive from which to recover your data. This avoids further degradation of the original drive. All recovery work is performed under sterile and clean conditions. Depending on the level of service you choose, within 24 hours to 7 business days you will receive an external hard drive with your recovered data. DriveSavers assigns a case manager so you can contact them with questions throughout the process.

Who Needs It?

Anyone that has lost important data understands what a frustrating, painful experience it can be. If you frequently back up your data, you have nothing to worry about; but what happens when you do not have a back up? When you must recover data in a safe and secure manner, DriveSavers can help you. While individual users are welcome, this top-of-the-line service may be more suitable for technology professionals and businesses that absolutely cannot go without the lost data.

Is It Worth It?

The price of recovering data varies by the device, the type of data and how catastrophic the hard drive failure is (it is possible some data may be unrecoverable). There are three levels of service, which are priced according to turnaround time: Priority, Standard, and Economy. Ultimately, only the user can determine if the service is worth it. The cost to recover some music files and pictures may be out of the question for a student, but for a large corporation looking to retrieve sensitive personnel files this could be a nominal fee. The good news is that once you are provided a written estimate, DriveSavers promises not to exceed the quoted fee.

Data recovery is a vital service for the technology industry. While individuals may wish to consider more affordable options, DriveSavers is one of the leading data recovery services for businesses. They are considered one of the best data recovery services and has been consistently praised within the industry. If turnaround time and security are major concerns, look no further. As with most top-of-the-line services, DriveSavers comes with a hefty price tag. Given their success rate and customer satisfaction standards, it is worth the investment.

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