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The Challenge of Mobile Device Data Recovery

What would you do if you lost all of your data today? Or, if you were suddenly unable to access files on your computer, smartphone or tablet due to a failure of the device? Do you have a backup plan? Have you recently synchronized your mobile devices to your computer?

Here at DriveSavers, we remind our customers that all electronic devices will eventually stop working. And when they do, all the photos, contacts and other documents that you haven’t backed up will be lost, and you’re likely going to need some help to get your files back.

You’d think that a good place to start looking for help would be the device manufacturer’s website or even the service department of a local computer retailer. These are perfectly logical choices and in most cases would be the best choice to repair or replace your device. But, in this case what you really need is a professional data recovery service company, because most computer repair departments are not equipped or do not have the expertise to retrieve data from mobile devices.

Mobile device data is stored on flash memory which, unlike common hard drives contains no moving parts. Finding a way to address the memory can be challenging but fortunately DriveSavers has developed special tools, interfaces and software to help us free your trapped data.

For more information about solid state and mobile device data recovery visit our webpage here.

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