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DriveSavers is committed to supporting your data recovery needs worldwide during the COVID-19 crisis. We continue to provide in-lab data recovery. Give us a call.
Partner Program Specialist

Vicki O’Hara

I have worked for DriveSavers since 2006. My primary responsibility is reaching out to potential partners. I also manage follow-up on the needs of our B2B, education and nonprofit partners, and support my team whenever extra hands are needed for any task. In addition to all this, I support our trade show efforts and sometimes man DriveSavers booths at these events.

I truly enjoy my job at DriveSavers every day, and I am very grateful for that. I love talking with people all over the United States. Each person is very unique and adds freshness to my daily work. I also love assisting our partners in helping their customers—having a solution in place when a data disaster strikes is our goal. Most importantly, I feel valued here.

This may seem odd for someone working for a tech company, but I live a very non-tech personal life. I don’t even have a computer at home! In my free time, I like to play tennis, cook, hang out with family and friends, camp and travel.

A few rules I live by:

  • I believe that being positive is a requirement, not an option.
  • I ask myself questions out loud. Try it! You will be surprised to hear your answers and be thankful for your “own advice.”
  • Always be your best, under any circumstance.

If I had a superpower, I would choose mind control. I would use complete power over the minds of dangerous individuals to end the violence in our world.

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