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September 22, 2016: Data Security Versus Recovery (think: Apple/FBI): Is There a Win/Win?

Chris Bross, Chief Technology Officer at DriveSavers, will be speaking at the SNIA Data Storage Security Summit this year examining the issue of data recovery and data forensics versus data security.
Event:          Data Storage Security Summit
Date:            September 22, 2016
Time:            2:20–3:00pm
Location:   Hyatt Regency Hotel, Santa Clara, CA

Abstract: Data Security Versus Recovery (think: Apple/FBI): Is There a Win/Win?

The recent impasse between Apple and the FBI made flash security part of the daily news. The FBI wanted to look at the data in a dead terrorist’s cell phone and demanded that Apple unlock the encryption. Apple refused, citing security and privacy issues and noting that governments around the world could demand drive unlocking for almost any reason. Besides, Apple noted, such a backdoor would soon be widely available.
Do we refuse requests from law enforcement that could thwart terrorist attacks and save lives? Do we allow requests and end up with private data being used for blackmailing and spread around the news media? Could we then have lists of police informants, spies or protesters against autocratic governments made public, as well as sensitive corporate data?
The specific solution in the Apple/FBI case raises even more questions. The FBI paid over $1 million to an unknown vendor to thwart the encryption. Who else could build or buy the same tool?
In the corporate world, both security and recovery are essential tools in the arsenal of business processes. Ideally, we want harmonious co-existence.
This Panel will explore the tension between security and data recovery, search for any win/win trade-offs and alternatives, and hopefully elevate the discourse above the irrational, often hysterical, level heard today; we hope! Come join a lively discussion of a fascinating issue.

Speaker Bio: Chris Bross, Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Chris Bross manages the R&D team for emerging storage technologies and guides the development of new tools, technology and techniques to overcome unique challenges and recover critical user data. Since joining the company in 1995, Bross has engineered his way around physical trauma, mechanical damage and encryption issues to recover data on all types of failed storage devices. Prior to joining DriveSavers, Bross held technical engineering positions at Golden Triangle Software and Adobe Systems, Inc. Bross’ expertise is in recovering RAID, NAS and SAN storage systems with a specialization in UNIX, Linux and Macintosh.
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