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Press Coverage of Star Trek Creator Gene Roddenberry’s Data Recovery

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry (top of photo) on the set


PCWorld: How Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s words were freed from old floppy disks

Venture Beat: 200 floppy disks belonging to Star Trek’s creator have been recovered and could offer some surprises

The Slanted: Over 200 floppy disks owned by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry recovered

Inquisitr: ‘Star Trek’ Legend Gene Roddenberry’s Floppy Disk Data Uncovered After 30 Years

The Wrap: ‘Star Trek’ Creator Gene Roddenberry’s Lost Data Recovered From 200 Floppy Disks

Gizmodo: What’s Hidden on Gene Roddenberry’s Secret Floppy Disks?

CNet: Floppy Disks of Star Trek Creator Gene Roddenberry Finally Yield Data

Ars Technica:  Files on Nearly 200 Floppy Disks Belonging to Star Trek Creator Recovered

Popular Mechanics: Old School Computing Heroes Save Gene Roddenberry’s Missing Files Gene Roddenberry’s Lost Data Recovered from 200 Floppy Disks

Spinoff Online/Comic Book Resources: Lost ‘Star Trek’ Files Found on Gene Roddenberry’s Disk Drives

blastr: Vast New Trove of Gene Roddenberry Data Opened—but What’s In It?

CBS New York: Drivesavers Trying to Crack Secrets of Star Trek Creator

Cinema Blend: Tons Of Rare Star Trek Data Recovered From Gene Roddenberry’s Old Floppy Disks

Boing Boing BBS: Data recovered from Gene Roddenberry’s floppies—but what’s on them?

Newster: Star Trek Creator’s Old Documents Finally Decoded

Me TV: Star Trek Creator Gene Roddenberry’s Lost Files Found on Almost 200 Floppy Disks

Extreme Tech: Roddenberry, restored: Team recovers nearly 200 floppies owned by Star Trek creator

SciFi 4 Me: Roddenberry Data Recovered

Star Trek Challenger: Rediscovered Roddenberry Files

Digital Trends: Gene Roddenberry’s floppy disk stash decrypted after 30 years

Tech Times: Gene Roddenberry ‘Star Trek’ Secrets Decrypted From 200 Floppy Discs After 30 Years

1701 News: Gene Roddenberry’s Lost Computer Files Resurrected

1701 News: Sorry, No Major Bombshells From Lost Roddenberry Disks

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