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Popular Technology Radio Interviews Chris Bross, Chief Technology Officer at DriveSavers

Chris Bross, DriveSavers Chief Technology Officer, shares insights on data recovery tips/tricks, the influence of technology on criminal/legal forensics, cell phone security and what to do if your device is contaminated by flood, fire or other natural disaster.

DriveSavers | SEGMENT 4 | #105

If your I.T. guy is your nephew or niece, it may be time to fire them and seek help from a professional. DriveSavers’ Chris Bross, urges us not to rely on quick fixes or untrained help when retrieving important lost or corrupted data, seek professional help!
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Forensic Data Evidence | SEGMENT 5 | #105

DriveSavers are having their best year ever saving peoples electronic data. Chris Bross explains how the emergence of forensic data evidence and the proliferation of the handheld device have provided him with more business than ever.
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Cellphone Security | SEGMENT 6 | #105

Mobile security is a big topic of discussion and concern these days. We pick Chris Bross’ brain for good cellphone security and safety tips. Have a more complex password!
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