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Memory Card: Lost and Found

Stafford Lake, Marin County, CAIt took a great data recovery outcome and some minor league sleuthing to re-unite Lisa Jones, owner of Tailored Gypsy, with her missing data.

Lakeside Discovery

“We were early for Movies in the Park at Stafford Lake,” explained Lindsey V. Ragghianti, a member of the DriveSavers sales team. “My son, Lucas, was running around with some other kids, climbing trees and waiting for the movie to start, when they found something.”

Eleven-year-old Lucas wasn’t sure exactly what he and his friends had found, but he knew it was important because he’d seen similar equipment when he visited his mother at DriveSavers. “We were all looking at it,” said Lucas. “I saw that it was like a memory chip and we eventually decided to help.”

“He came running over and said they’d found a camera card and they wanted to keep it. I said that I could take it to work where we could try and recover the photos and hopefully find the owner,” Lindsey recounted.

Whose Card Is This?

There was no identification on the Lexar 4GB card and it had serious water damage; however, the DriveSavers team of experienced data recovery engineers is used to performing difficult extractions. They were able to recover the pictorial contents. There were lots of photos, but nothing (at first) that looked like an identity.

On closer inspection, one picture of a leather wallet showed part of a business card with Lisa Jones’ name and contact information.

Lisa is an up-and-coming fashion designer. Her work is mostly focused on leather accessories (like belts, bags and wallets). It was the pictures of her fashion designs, plus a host of personal photos including her daughter’s prom night, that were recovered from the water-damaged camera card.

Lisa—a Southern California transplant—was totally surprised, and happy, when she was contacted by DriveSavers. “The card must have been lost during a family photo shoot at the park,” Lisa said.

Lisa works freelance in San Francisco, but is growing her personal fashion business, Tailored Gypsy, on the side through word-of-mouth and by exhibiting at the Sebastopol, CA Farmers Market.

To see more of her work, go to:

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