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Happy Birthday: The Apple Mac Turns 30

It’s hard to imagine, but the Apple Macintosh has just turned 30 years of age. 

The juggernaut of Apple technology we take for granted today was just starting to flow out of Cupertino in 1984 when Apple founder Steve Jobs decided to show the world the future of computing on the Mac. 

Remember the Macintosh TV commercial that Apple put out during the 1984 Super Bowl? It’s the only time that particular ad was broadcast nationally – a 60-second message that shocked the world in general and excited nerds, geeks and computer users in particular.
Over the last three decades, Apple has risen from a niche computer company to one of the largest technology corporations in the world.

Apple has introduced a dizzying array of new technology and revolutionary products like the iPhone, iPad, iPod to go along with laptop and desktop computers and myriad ancillary devices.
Click here for a timeline tracking Apple products through the years.

Click here for more details about Apple’s classic “1984” Super Bowl XVIII commercial, which was directed by award-winning moviemaker Ridley Scott.

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