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GottaBeMobile: DriveSavers Review—Android Data Recovery

By Josh Smith
Your phone is where you keep all of your photos. It’s where Kayla kept all the photos of her 7 month old son, until it decided not to turn on anymore. When you need Android data recovery, DriveSavers is your best friend.
Kayla’s LG smartphone was still under warranty when it broke. However, manufacturer warranties and cell phone protection plans can’t replace the data you lost. Unfortunately there was no backup to any cloud service which left months of photos from the first 7 months of her son’s life lost.
This is where DriveSavers steps in. We’ve used them before to recover a failed hard drive.DriveSavers also provides iPhone and Android data recovery services on the iPhone and Android devices.
With more and more of our memories going straight to storage on our smartphones, this is an essential service that can save memories and important work data.
To recover data from a dead smartphone, even one that is all in one piece with no water damage or blunt force trauma DriveSavers will disassemble the phone and access the memory.
DriveSavers offers U.S. based advisors to walk you through your options and they will then offer you a quote that they won’t exceed. There is no upfront cost to the process, and if they cannot recover your data there is no charge. If you need Android data recovery you can contact DriveSavers for a quote based on the device. DriveSavers provided a discount on the full cost of data recovery.
After talking with a DriveSavers advisor, the company shipped a box to send in the phone to their facility. From there it goes into a cleanroom that you could likely perform surgery in.
From here on out a technician investigates what is happening and starts the Android data recovery process on our LG smartphone. During this period you will get some updates about the process. In our case the recovery was particularly challenging due to the way the phone failed.
Ultimately the cleanroom technician was able to take the phone apart and then pull the data from the phone. This includes all of Kayla’s photos of her first son and much more. The data that DriveSavers recovered includes call and text logs and much more.
DriveSavers then shipped the data on a USB drive, and the phone, right to Kayla’s door. From here Kayla was able to see all of her photos and finally print them out for a photo wall of her son.
The joy and relief on Kayla’s face when we looked at the recovery package was incredible. DriveSavers quite literally saved the memories from the first seven months of her son’s life.
If you find yourself in a similar situation DriveSavers is an amazing company to work with, especially during an emotional time like this. The company works magic with lost data and the customer service is impressive through all steps.

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