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FOX 29 WFLX: Austin & Perry’s Families Seek Help with iPhone

Originally published by FOX 29 WFLX.
Florida teenThe families of Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen were back in court Thursday to discuss the next steps when it comes to Austin’s recovered iPhone.
Tequesta teenagers Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen left for a fishing trip last July and have not been seen or heard from since. In March, their boat was recovered off the coast of Bermuda along with Austin’s iPhone.
The families’ attorneys told the judge Thursday they are now vetting other tech companies in hopes that one of them can help get the phone to power on. The lawyers say a few firms have even reached out to them to offer their service.
Back in April, the judge issued an order to have the phone sent to Apple to see if the manufacturer could get the phone to work. However, the company exhausted all efforts and could not get the phone to turn on.
The lawyers say the phone is still in Apple’s possession and they are waiting on a report.
The parties are currently considering at least two companies that they have vetted including a company out of California called DriveSavers. The lawyers say the are hoping to reach an agreement as to which company and may need an official order from the court.
The parties also discussed an issue related to the Six Maritime report. Six Maritime was a company involved in the search for the boys.
However, Austin’s family is saying that they have not been granted access to the information in the report. Ausitn’s family is asking for the report, saying they believe it was paid for by public GoFundMe funds.
Guy Rubin, the attorney for Perry’s mom, says the Six Maritime report has nothing to do with the case that has been filed.
He says the case in court is related only to the recovered iPhone and the boat which is why he has filed a protective order.
Rubin says they have offered to provide the information in the report to the other families on numerous occasions. He says FWC also has the information and included some of it in its investigation.
Rubin says he does not have information about what money was used to pay for the company, but does confirm the company was hired by Perry’s family.

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