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Digital Production Buzz: 1/7/16 Interview with Chris Bross, DriveSavers CTO

Originally published by Digital Production Buzz

Welcome to the Digital Production BuZZ, the world’s longest running podcast for creative content producers covering media production, post production, marketing and distribution around the world. On this week’s BuZZ we’re pleased to feature a brand-new installment of our “Tech Talk” segment as well as chat with three terrific guests who share with us the secrets of the “Sound Geek,” help us explore the upcoming L.A. Post Festival, as well as how to recover a dead hard disk!

Check it out!

Our final interview gives us a chance to chat with Chris Bross, Chief Technology Officer of Drivesavers Data Recovery. DriveSavers specializes in recovering dead hard disks, but today’s technology also requires them to do data forensics and work with encrypted data. Listen in as Chris shares how they recover your data – even when they can’t read your data.

Watch the Digital Production Buzz interview of Chris Bross, DriveSavers CTO:


See the full episode, including interviews with Zack Allen, Production Sound Mixer at Soundgeek Productions; Wendy Woodhall, Co-Founder and Executive Director at Los Angeles Post Production Group (LAPPG); and Chris Bross, Chief Technology Officer at DriveSavers Data Recovery, eDiscovery and Digital Forensics:



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