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Customer Success Story: Can’t Keep a Good Kid Down

In many ways, Malcolm Foggio is like most other teenage boys. He enjoys soccer. Listens to popular music. Likes ice cream. But, unlike others his age, Malcolm started his own non-profit foundation, at age 11, to fight childhood cancer.

Malcolm is a cancer survivor who was diagnosed with a serious bone disease (Ewing’s Sarcoma) in 2008 when he was 10. His treatment included multiple surgeries, 14 rounds of painful chemotherapy and the removal of his cancerous hip.

Today, the cancer is gone but his battle continues on a bigger stage.

Surviving wasn’t enough. Malcolm wanted to do more to help other kids with life-threatening diseases. So, with the help of his family, he started raising funds and in 2009, set up an official non-profit organization to support childhood cancer research.

Make Some Noise: Cure Kids Cancer Foundation

Malcolm decided to take action when he learned the statistics about serious childhood diseases, especially the dozen or so forms of deadly pediatric cancer. Click here to see and hear more from Malcolm himself about his battle.

Since coming on the scene, Malcolm’s foundation, Make Some Noise: Cure Kids Cancer Foundation, Inc. has raised close to $500,000. There’s a professional board of trustees and advisors who assist in the effort working alongside kids with cancer and their families.

Data Survival Story

DriveSavers became involved in 2014 when Malcolm’s dad, Bob Foggio, called us for help with a broken hard drive used by the foundation.

The equipment held the only copies of a series of heart-touching videos about children who lost their battle with cancer. The victims are immortalized on a giant quilt, which is a rallying point for the fund-raising effort.

The foundation’s failed hard drive had serious internal damage from a head crash (a situation where the mechanical portion of the drive is compromised, causing serious damage and potential data loss). Despite the poor condition, DriveSavers recovery engineers were able to safely extract the remarkable videos of the cancer victims plus many of the other valuable data files needed by the non-profit.

Learn More

To donate or to get more information about Malcolm’s fund-raising effort, click here.

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