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Colorado Wildfire Relief: DriveSavers Offers $500 Off Data Recovery Services

Critical Data On Storage Devices Damaged By Wildfire May Be Recoverable

 NOVATO, CA – July 2, 2012 – DriveSavers Data Recovery, the worldwide leader in data recovery services, announced today that it is offering assistance to Colorado wildfire victims by providing $500 off its data recovery services. Storage devices, from home computers to iPads, that have been exposed to a wildfire may experience extreme heat, smoke, power surges and water damage. The data on these storage devices may be recoverable with the help of a professional data recovery provider such as DriveSavers.

The wildfires have covered more than 100 thousand acres of land, forcing over 32,000 residents in Colorado Springs to leave their homes. Hundreds of homes and hundreds of businesses have been destroyed due to the blaze. Each one of those homes and businesses has at least one computer or storage device that has valuable data on it that may be recoverable.

Data recovery engineers at DriveSavers can help wildfire victims recover irreplaceable digital photos, critical financial records, address books, passwords, personal files and other important data from their damaged storage devices. In addition, DriveSavers is calling on its extensive network of over 190 computer service providers throughout the impacted region to also offer assistance where needed.

DriveSavers has recovered data from storage devices that have been destroyed by some of the worst natural disasters imaginable, including Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike, Southern California fires and the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Recovering data that have been exposed to sustained water and fire damage, corruption, corrosion and erosion are just a few of the challenges that DriveSavers faces every day.

DriveSavers put together a checklist to use when electronic devices have been exposed to a wildfire:

  • Do not attempt to power up a smoke-damaged or a burned hard drive.
  • Do not attempt to clean the hard drive.
  • If the computer is wet from fire hoses, remove the wet hard drive — do not dry and place in a plastic bag with an airtight zip closure.
  • If the drive is “sealed” in a melted computer, leave it intact and send the entire system to DriveSavers for certified engineers to safely remove the drive.
  • CAUTION – beware of electrical cables at the site of your computer; talk to your local fire official to be sure your area is safe before removing computer drives.
  • Call DriveSavers at 800-440-1904.

DriveSavers is extending a $500 discount on data recovery services for single hard drives damaged by the Colorado wildfires until August 1st. To start the data recovery process, call DriveSavers at 800-440-1904.

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