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August 11, 2016: Flash and Phones: Advanced Laboratory Data Recovery from Secure Mobile Devices

Will DeLisi, Flash Recovery Engineer at DriveSavers, will be speaking at Flash Memory Summit this year as part of a panel titled Consumer Applications.
Event:          Flash Memory Summit
Date:            August 11, 2016
Time:            8:30–9:35am
Location:   Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA

Abstract: Flash and Phones: Advanced Laboratory Data Recovery from Secure Mobile Devices

All storage devices potentially fail, including those that utilize NAND flash. Smartphones, tablets, flash memory cards, USB thumb drives, SSD and other devices are protected by encryption and data security of different types. In this discussion, we will specifically explore mobile phones and the advanced laboratory techniques used to recover encrypted data from them.

Speaker Bio: Will DeLisi, NAND Flash Recovery Specialist

As a Flash Recovery Engineer at DriveSavers, Will DeLisi leads a team specializing in smartphone, tablet and other types of NAND flash storage device data recovery.
Prior to joining DriveSavers, DeLisi worked at Apple computer in Houston, Texas. There, he led 60 IT professionals responsible for the triage, training, repair and other technical needs of over 400 customers per day.
Before working with Apple, DeLisi worked at T-Mobile, training employees at over 60 stores and helping the company grow into the largest and most profitable market in Texas. DeLisi has eight certifications specific to NAND flash and smartphone recoveries, and continues to expand his knowledge, understanding and capabilities as technology evolves.

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