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Tape Migration Services

DriveSavers Data Recovery Services

Tape Migration Services

Since 1985, DriveSavers has led the industry in data recovery, offering expert tape migration and archive services. Whether converting outdated tape formats or recovering critical data, our advanced solutions ensure data integrity and accessibility. Start your tape migration process today and secure your valuable information for the future.

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Why Tape Migration?

Tape migration involves converting and consolidating your archives onto one unified platform. Here are some common scenarios that indicate it’s time for a migration:

  • Upgrading your backup infrastructure.
  • Involved in a merger or acquisition.
  • Needing regular access to old tapes.
  • Lacking internal resources for data retrieval.
  • Experiencing physical damage or data corruption on tapes.

Tape Migration Services Offered

DriveSavers provides comprehensive tape migration services to meet diverse needs. From tape-to-tape migration to integrating new backup systems, we ensure seamless data transfer. Our services extend beyond basic migration to include restoration, destruction, and cloud integration. DriveSavers ensures every aspect of your tape data is managed securely and efficiently.

Tape Media Restoration

Restore any tape, any format, anywhere.

Data Recovery

Recover data from damaged media.

Catalog Ingestion

Extract and manage backup catalog data independently.

Tape to Tape

Migrate from one tape generation to another or consolidate multiple tape types into one format.

Alternative Storage

Move tape data to disk or any other storage format of choice.

New Backup System

Align archive tape data with new backup infrastructure for compatibility.

Destruction and Wiping

Securely destroy and wipe old tape media.


Retrieve data as needed.

Tape-to-Cloud Migration

Migrate tape data to cloud storage solutions.

How DriveSavers Tape Migration Works

Tape migration is crucial for data integrity. We tailor each service to ensure the data is secure and accessible. DriveSavers tape migration service includes:

  • Recovery of any inaccessible data
  • Replication and de-duplication
  • Catalog and indexing report for future data mapping
  • Development of custom software and tools for archived data retrieval
  • Conversion of legacy media in a secure, efficient, and cost-effective manner
  • Accurate bit-for-bit copy of source data in the required format

Supported Tape Formats and Custom Solutions

DriveSavers supports a broad spectrum of tape formats, including custom and proprietary formats, ensuring compatibility and seamless data transfer. We ensure compatibility with your new systems or storage solutions, tailoring our services to meet your unique requirements. No matter the format, we have the expertise to handle your migration needs.

  • LTO: Linear Tape-Open
  • DLT: Digital Linear Tape
  • DAT: Digital Audio Tape
  • AIT: Advanced Intelligent Tape
  • QIC: Quarter-Inch Cartridge

Companies Worldwide Trust DriveSavers

DriveSavers supports over 20,000 business partners worldwide. Your business could be one of them! Some of our satisfied customers include companies such as Coca Cola, Facebook, Google, AT&T, Sony, NASA, and many others. Learn more.

Total Data Security

Data security is our top priority. Our comprehensive security measures ensure your data remains safe throughout the tape migration process. We ensure the highest level of data security:

Full Chain of Custody

Strict protocols to maintain data integrity.

Secure Delivery

Data returned on encrypted media with secure courier services.


Compliant disposal of end-of-life media.

Real Results: DriveSavers Case Studies

Call DriveSavers Day or Night to Get a Risk-free Estimate

We will email a free overnight shipping label and then call with the results of the evaluation and the cost to recover the data. If the data is unrecoverable or you choose to decline the recovery, your cost is zero dollars.

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