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Hard Disk Data Recovery Services

DriveSavers Data Recovery Services

Lost Data on Your Hard Drive? We Can Save It!

Since 1985, DriveSavers has recovered over 500,000 hard drives and other storage media that have crashed, mechanically failed, been physically damaged, and worse.

We have earned our reputation as the most advanced and progressive data recovery company in the industry.

Mention the discount code DS98026 and receive a special discount and other benefits
Mention the discount code DS98026 and receive a special discount and other benefits
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DriveSavers has established itself as a global frontrunner in hard drive recovery data services. Both individual users and enterprises trust DriveSavers for the recovery of lost data from inaccessible internal and external hard drives, whether for Mac or PC. The DriveSavers expert engineers consistently recover lost data from hard disk drives even when others have declared the data irretrievable — and we do it quickly.

Always avoid off-the-shelf data recovery software or tools. Such approaches could further damage the device and potentially make data unrecoverable.

Misplaced or deleted files, including photographs, on your computer’s storage? The DriveSavers engineers have a track record of retrieving them.

We pride ourselves on cutting-edge methods paired with straightforward solutions. Tap into our vast experience retrieving lost data from all data storage devices.

Facing a non-responsive hard drive, a compromised server, or a malfunctioning device? Don’t panic. DriveSavers technicians excel in addressing these concerns and ensuring that you or your business doesn’t face data loss. Get a quote today! Ask questions and find out more about our service offerings and costs.

Hundreds of Thousands of Customers Trust DriveSavers

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Companies Worldwide Trust DriveSavers

DriveSavers supports over 20,000 business partners worldwide. Your business could be one of them! Some of our satisfied customers include companies such as Coca Cola, Facebook, Google, AT&T, Sony, NASA, and many others. Learn more.

Referred by All Storage Device Manufacturers

All leading manufacturers authorize DriveSavers to open sealed storage device mechanisms without voiding the original warranty. Our data recovery allows you to receive an in-warranty device replacement from the manufacturer. Learn more.

Call DriveSavers Day or Night to Get a Risk-free Estimate

We will email a free overnight shipping label and then call with the results of the evaluation and the cost to recover the data. If the data is unrecoverable or you choose to decline the recovery, your cost is zero dollars.

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