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DriveSavers is committed to supporting your data recovery needs worldwide during the COVID-19 crisis. We continue to provide in-lab data recovery. Call us at +1 (800) 440-1904.

“DriveSavers are life savers!! My iPhone was badly damaged. I contacted 3-4 different data recovery companies and they all failed (they all had amazing reviews and guaranteed 100% recovery). I don’t know what magic they did but I now have all the photos, videos and other data from the phone that was absolutely critical for me.”

“DriveSavers did an excellent job recovering 100% of the data from my wet iPhone. The representatives took the time to explain the costs and nature of the recovery. I sent the phone with a prepaid mailing label. No costs were incurred until an assessment was made. Recovery was not inexpensive (most lessons aren’t) but well worth it in my view.”

“DriveSavers came charging in like the Calvary, and saved the day. I am eternally grateful.”

“This experience was an existential threat to a career that I have been building for the past decade. Thank you DriveSavers for getting me through this trauma with professionalism and expertise. These folks are nothing short of Cyber Angels.”

“Expensive as heck! But they were able to successfully recover my hard drive with 10 years of photos that crashed. Thank you DriveSavers!”

“My WD MyCloud inexplicably and without reason failed and DriveSavers fully recovered all of my data including irreplaceable family-related data and memories spanning 15 years.”

“Everything went as we hoped. You folks saved the day and the data.”

“A+ service and support for all types of data recovery. My company uses them when we cannot recover a clients data. They have made many of my clients very happy. Thank you DriveSavers!”

“I was told by some technicians that my data was not recoverable so I though I lost all my vacation and wedding videos. I contacted DriveSavers and they were extremely helpful, honest and professional. I was hoping they can at least make partial recovery but not only they recovered my wedding videos they were able to recover ALL of my data!”

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