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Oct 9–11: Meet Mike the Green Guy at SpiceWorld 2017!

Spiceworld 2017
October 9–11, 2017 • Austin, TX

Spiceheads: Meet Mike the Green Guy at SpiceWorld 2017!

Are you a Spicehead? If you don’t know what a Spicehead is, then you need to go check out Spiceworks, an online community of IT experts like yourself. It’s free to be a member and is a great resource. As Spiceworks states it, this is “Where IT pros come for answers.”
Mike Cobb, DriveSavers Director of Engineering, is a “Green Guy” on Spiceworks. A Green Guy (or Gal) is what Spiceworks calls an IT expert who represents their brand in the Spiceworks Community. Their name appears green in discussions so that Spiceworks users (a.k.a. SpiceHeads) know they’re available for questions.
If you are a regular reader or contributor on Spiceworks, you may have seen Mike pop up in discussions from time to time, helping out by answering questions and providing advice from his decades of experience with data storage devices and data recovery.
Would you like to meet Mike? Will you be at SpiceWorld 2017? Just look for the hat in the picture! Mike will be wearing his red DriveSavers jersey and green “Green Guy” hat while attending the conference so he can be easily spotted. Feel free to stop him and ask him your questions face to face!
Click here to learn more about Spiceworld 2017 or register to attend.
Click here to visit the DriveSavers page on Spiceworks.

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