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DriveSavers Data Recovery

Lost Data on Your Hard Drive? We Can Save It!

Since 1985, DriveSavers has recovered over 500,000 hard drives and other storage media that have crashed, mechanically failed, been physically damaged, and worse.

We have earned our reputation as the most advanced and progressive data recovery company in the industry.

Call now to begin the process of recovering your data. Mention the discount code DS98026 and receive a special discount and other benefits.

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DriveSavers Data Recovery

DriveSavers Can Recover Data from Your PC!Mac!iPhone!Laptop!RAID!Device!


Opening up a hard drive and manipulating internal components could cause more damage and render the smartphone unrepairable. Worse, you could cause enough damage that data recovery is no longer possible. Trust the professionals at DriveSavers! Some of our satisfied customers include companies such as Coca Cola, Facebook, Google, NASA, AT&T, and many others

DriveSavers Data Recovery

A Data Recovery Company Big Names Trust

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Hard Drive

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Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

DriveSavers, the worldwide leader in hard drive data recovery, helped pioneer the data recovery industry in 1985. Home users and businesses alike rely on DriveSavers to recover lost data from failed internal hard disk drives, external hard drives and USB thumb drives for Mac or PC that cannot be accessed by normal means. DriveSavers data recovery experts consistently recover data from hard drives that other service providers have deemed “lost forever,” and in a fraction of the time.

Any deleted or missing file (including photos) on your laptop or desktop data hard drive and also USB thumb drives can be easily retrieved with our proprietary recovery hard drive tools. Before you start to panic, keep in mind that recovering even the most obscure data is routine for our professional team of recovery hard drive experts. Better technology and simple solutions at a reasonable price. We offer our decades of experience recovering lost data from internal and external hard drives using DriveSavers proprietary data recovery software.

Dead hard drive, server failure, or is your device just not working? Don’t worry. DriveSavers can help you or your business from losing important data.

Get a quote now for hard disk recovery! Ask questions and find out more about the cost and types of services we offer.

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Certified ISO Cleanroom Maximizes Recovery Results

DriveSavers data recovery engineers are the best in the industry at handling physical hard drive failures and logical data corruption. We recover more lost data from dropped, damaged, corrupted and traumatized drives in one day than the average data recovery service provider does in one month. Each data loss situation is new and unique. DriveSavers operates the industry’s largest state-of-the-art Certified ISO Cleanroom environment, and has developed proprietary techniques, hardware, and software that allows us to deliver custom data recovery solutions for all common and catastrophic data loss situations. Our experts check your device thoroughly, and during the data recovery process, engineers carefully disassemble data storage devices, inspecting them for physical damage and performing component-level repair.

To minimize contamination and maximize recovery results, all physical recoveries are performed in DriveSavers Cleanroom environment—the most technologically advanced data recovery Cleanroom environment in the industry. It features three separate ISO- certified Cleanroom areas: ISO Class 5, ISO Class 6 and ISO Class 7. Our inventory of over 20,000 parts and drives are stored in an ISO Class 8 clean zone.

All data recoveries are performed in accordance with standards set by leading hard drive and data storage manufacturers; our data recovery process will not void their original warranty.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

We’ve Got Your Encryption (Re)Covered!

Our engineers understand encryption and how to recover files from hard drives. They have been trained and certified by the leading encryption software vendors to safely recover file–level and disk–level encrypted data. We can recover from encrypted hardware, software, email, network files, web pages, storage and backup devices without compromising the original level of encryption.

DriveSavers can customize security protocols beyond the HDD recovery services we routinely provide.

  • Image-only. Data is recovered and restored in an image-only format and returned to the system with the original encryption intact. You decrypt the data yourself.
  • Full Decryption. Encrypted data is recovered and decrypted by our engineers to verify the integrity of the data and returned to you encrypted or fully decrypted. The power to keep your sensitive online data hidden is always completely in your hands.

During the recovery process, you’ll have phone access to our engineers as your recovery is taking place. Once the recovery is completed, we can safely and properly recycle the old storage device. Our NSA and DOD approved degausser will destroy residual data on the old source drive permanently.

HDD Hard Drive Data Repair

Certified Secure Data Recovery

When sensitive data is being recovered, maintaining a high level of security isn’t an option—it’s a requirement. We know that privacy can’t be taken lightly. DriveSavers is the only data recovery company in the industry that undergoes an annual SOC 2 Type II audit, adhering to the corporate industry’s standard for overall control structure.

The SOC 2 Type II audit assures our customers that every aspect of our facility and network is secure enough to protect personal and confidential data from a security breach during the data recovery process.

At the heart of our certified secure data recovery environment is a self-defending network, protected by a “defense-in-depth” architecture that includes firewalls, intrusion protection systems, managed security services and 24/7 real-time monitoring.

In addition to providing the highest level of preventive data security in the data recovery industry today, DriveSavers offers a High Security Service that adheres to U.S. Government protocols, providing full legal compliance, security, and confidentiality.

Clients like Bank of America, NASA Goddard Space Center, the Department of Defense, the Smithsonian Institution, and Lawrence Livermore Labs have all trusted DriveSavers with their critical data when they needed hard drive recovery services.

DriveSavers Data Recovery

Receive 5% Off Data Recovery Services

DriveSavers has great success with every type of device with just about every type of damage, including smart phones damaged by heat, water and sand.

We are here to help in any type of data loss situation. Use The Promo Code DS98026 and Get 5% Off

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Emergency Service Available
  • Free Evaluation
  • Free Shipping
  • No Data — No Charge
  • Certified Secure
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