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DriveSavers is committed to supporting data recovery needs worldwide during the COVID-19 crisis. 
We continue to provide in-lab data recovery as well as Remote Data Recovery services
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Specialized Corporate

Legal Services

Today, corporations, law firms and government agencies face heightened demands for document preservation. Such demands are fueled by changes to the Rules of Civil Procedure, proliferation of ESI and the growing number of data storage devices. We provide an all-inclusive solution for corporate legal departments to protect them from civil and criminal charges, unnecessary expenses, business disruption and damaging publicity.

Litigation Management

Our team of litigation management professionals is experienced in all phases of discovery and is supported by additional resources from our project management staff, data center and forensic processing labs. Our staff augments your efforts, working within your organization on a short- or long-term basis to provide the expertise necessary to overcome your critical IT and legal challenges.

Data Analysis

Our data analysis experts understand how to analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured data stored in both commercially available and custom-built computing systems. Our technical team has the experience to help clients understand data requests and deliver results accurately and quickly to financial analysts, attorneys and corporate management.

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