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Many cases are often settled out of court once relevant information is brought to light. However, if matters are not settled before hand, our team of legal council, forensic examiners, eDiscovery consultants and governance experts are here to bridge the gap between law and technology. Our experts can be involved throughout the entire course of eDiscovery, from collection to production or anywhere in between, generating a seamless process. Here are a few examples of how our expert witness testimony can help:

  • Our digital forensic examiners accurately convey how a computer’s operating system tells a story and clarify the difference between logical and physical data. We can comprehensively explain how deleted data thought to be long lost is carved from “the middle of nowhere” or, more specifically, from the unallocated free space of a hard drive.
  • Our eDiscovery consultants attest to how electronically stored information (ESI) was identified, acquired, preserved, processed, reviewed and ultimately presented. This may be as simple as explaining how a few keywords brought relevant data to life.
  • Our legal council provides detailed analysis reports, helps draft affidavits and prepares expert testimony for a deposition, making sure everyone is on the “same page.”
  • Our governance experts ensure that sensitive personal, confidential and privileged information is protected at all times. We have proof!

Armed with long-standing experience and leadership in the industry, DriveSavers will coach you regarding the scope of your project and/or the reasonableness of the discovery. We can determine where relevant information is stored across a company’s enterprise or a family’s collection of mobile devices and social media accounts. We can set your mind at ease; we are here to help!

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