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Call now to speak to a Data Recovery Advisor. Receive a data recovery quote, free shipping, and a free evaluation. If the data is unrecoverable, there is no charge for our service.

Fast Delivery for

Global Customers

  • The fastest Standard Turnaround Time in the industry at 24 to 48 hours.
  • Instant and secure data download within minutes after recovery is complete. Our DataExpress FTP service eliminates delays caused by time zones, shipping and distance.
  • Centralized location of all resources improves efficiency, encourages knowledge-sharing and accelerates turnaround time.
  • Skilled engineers quickly recover data from all types of storage devices, all operating systems and all data loss scenarios.
  • Extensive inventory of all current and hard-to-find parts and drives on hand. Hardware replacement will never delay or defeat the data recovery process.
  • Certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom protects data from further damage during complex microsurgery on sensitive drive components.
  • Certified self-defending network provides maximum data security during data recovery.
  • Highest security protocols meet the stringent requirements of corporations and government agencies.
  • Certified engineers are experts in encryption recovery.


Data Recovery Advisors are available to help international callers resolve data loss issues fast!

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