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How Does Pricing Work?

Pricing is based on the difficulty level of recovering the data.

Each job is different.

The risk involved – If raw data is hidden or difficult to access, it is going to take more time and possibly more money. The data recovery complexity factor (how damaged your hard drive is) – If you dropped your laptop in the toilet, it likely won’t cost as much as if you smashed your hard drive with a hammer.

Other factors – We are only human. Mistakes happen and sometimes we miss things. We will give you our best guess about what recovering the data will require but sometimes unknown factors come into play.


You receive an initial quote based on the type of device you need data recovery on.

The final price of your recovery will never exceed the initial amount quoted.

DriveSavers does not have additional charges for parts and labor.

Here’s why our customers choose to trust us with their data. First, our experts are fast. We know that when it comes to your data, every hour of delay or downtime costs you money. Second, we’re honest about the services we provide. We understand how important your time and money are and we don’t want to do anything that would risk the recovery of your data.

Capacity Of Device

We don’t charge on the capacity of the device.

Free Evaluation

Free evaluation of the device

Doesn’t Void Factory Warranties

DriveSavers doesn’t void factory warranties when performing data recovery.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping of the device to our data recovery lab


To ensure that you receive the highest quality data recovery solution, we offer free evaluations before buying. Our team of engineers and technicians are working around the clock to ensure that your data is recovered and restored.

Not just for cell phones and laptops, but for desktops too, DriveSavers gives you a chance to send in your hard drive before committing to buying anything so you know whether we can recover your data. DriveSavers offers this evaluation to ensure you’re fully satisfied with our services.

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