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TweakTown: FMS 2014 – DriveSavers Data Recovery discusses latest projects

TweakTown: FMS 2014 – DriveSavers Data Recovery Discusses Latest Projects

DriveSavers stops by the booth to talk about the latest in data recovery

Flash Memory Summit 2014 –  It’s always fun to catch up with DriveSavers, simply because of the interesting stories from the latest data recovery projects they are working on. We were lucky enough to take a tour of the DriveSavers labs in April, and we recently crossed paths with Chris Bross again at the Flash Memory Summit.

Chris detailed the recovery of some of Gene Roddenberry’s (the creator of Star Trek) lost files, which were stored on 200 x 5.25″ floppy disks. These very old disks held a number of files, which are not yet released, and there will be a public disclosure of the content in the future. This highlights some of the varied storage technologies that DriveSavers encounters every day. While staying up to date with helium and SMR HDDs, they also have to continue to extract data from old devices as well.

Flash Memory Summit 2014 - Chris Bross from DriveSavers Data Recovery

Chris also discusses the need for data recovery services for the datacenter, and a word of caution for those using cloud data storage. For instance, when Hurricane Sandy struck five datacenters were literally underwater, so users are cautioned to always keep multiple copies of their data. Of course, if you should lose data DriveSavers will be there to help recover it, and you can take a closer look at our tour of the DriveSavers facility here.


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