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Trilogy Tech Talk interviews Chris Bross, DriveSavers CTO

Trilogy Tech Talk Interviews Chris Bross, DriveSavers CTO

While at Flash Memory Summit 2015, our company rock star, Chris Bross, was pulled into a variety of media interviews, including this one with Trilogy Tech Talk.

Trilogy Tech Talk - Flash Memory Summit 2015 - DriveSavers Data Recovery

Trilogy Tech Talk is a new arena to discover, investigate, evaluate and compare all things “tech.” Content comes straight from the source of both product and service providers, giving you an inside look at the heart of each technical innovation we present. Trilogy Tech Talk is talking to Analysts, Engineers, experts and CEOs bringing you the real deal. What to keep your eye on, where to be looking ahead and when to be jumping on board. Join Trilogy Tech Talk for a look at Tomorrow’s next big thing Today.

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