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Storage Newsletter: Asustor Partnering With DriveSavers

To provide data recovery on NAS
Originally published by Storage Newsletter.
Asustor, Inc., a provider of network storage solutions, has announced a partnership with DriveSavers Data Recovery, Inc., a data recovery provider, to provide its customers with professional remote and laboratory data recovery solutions at a discounted rate along with free shipping and free evaluations on all DVR, RAID, NAS and SAN devices.
discounted rate free evaluations free shipping
All Asustor NAS products feature not only 3-year warranties and backup functions, but also data recovery solutions that provide customers multiple layers of data protection and security.
When referencing Asustor as the referral partner, DriveSavers will provide Asustor customers with a 10% discount and a discount of up to 27% for government, education and non-profits.
Free inbound shipping from nearly any location, including the completion of customs and shipping forms for customers outside the USA is also provided along with free evaluations on all Asustor NAS devices.
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