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DriveSavers Digital Forensics Team Delivers Key Evidence in Murder Conviction

Recovered data from waterlogged iPhone brings Texas murder suspect to justice

LegalTech New York 2014 — February 03, 2014 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

NOVATO, Calif.—DriveSavers Data Recovery played a crucial role in assisting to bring a murder suspect to justice in a Texas case where forensic evidence proved the killer lured the teenage victim to her death with deceiving text and social media messages.

Experts at recovering valuable data for more than 27 years, DriveSavers offers Digital Forensics and Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) as legally defensible data recovery services that can be used to aid the legal community. The company’s certified computer forensic specialists are able to quickly and efficiently process information and recover electronically stored information (ESI).

In November 2013, two DriveSavers digital forensic examiners testified in the prosecution of Franklin Davis, who was charged with the murder of 16-year-old Shania Gray. The data that DriveSavers was able to recover from Gray’s destroyed iPhone was vital to convict Davis, who is now facing the death penalty.

Davis, who had already been charged for sexually assaulting Gray, lured Shania—his family’s babysitter—to a meeting in Carrollton, Texas, where he killed her to prevent her from testifying. Gray received text and social media messages from Davis, who was posing as a private investigator for the rape trial.

The iPhone, which was discovered in a pond near the victim’s body, was destroyed to the point where a federal government forensic lab was unable to retrieve the necessary information for prosecution.

The phone was shipped to DriveSavers for a secondary attempt at retrieving the critical data. The company was able to perform a complete recovery of the iPhone’s data that was key in the outcome of Davis’s murder trial.

DriveSavers is able to recover ESI from nearly any physically damaged or mechanically failed device including computers, PDA’s, cell phones, USB Flash Drives, digital camera cards, hard drives, RAIDs and enterprise level servers.

Members of DriveSavers’ eDiscovery/Digital Forensics Department will be at Legal Tech New York 2014, February 4 – 6, at The Hilton New York Hotel, booth #2500, to discuss this and other company news.

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