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7 Ways to Secure Your Smartphone

Your smartphone–that mini computer that lives in your pocket–deserves the same protection as your personal laptop and work computer does.

Use the following guidelines to protect your on-the-go information from hackers and thieves.

  1. Use a pin or password to protect your smartphone. Do not share the password with strangers and do not keep the password on the phone itself. Longer and more complex passwords are recommended.
  2. Download phone apps from trusted sources only, like the Apple Store and Google Play. Do not put any unsolicited software on your phone.
  3. Back up your phone regularly. Make copies of important contents–pictures, videos, email, music, documents–and store them on a computer hard drive or through a cloud-based backup service. Click here for PC Magazine’s roundup of top online backup providers.
  4. Keep your operating system software and app software current with the latest updates from the manufacturer. Updates will likely include security improvements too.
  5. Shut down Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections when you are done and be sure to use only trusted Wi-Fi providers to conduct business by phone.
  6. Some apps need permission to access personal information and some don’t, so be careful and check the privacy settings for any app before you install it on your device.
  7. Install a locater app that will help you to find your phone if it is misplaced and another app that will allow you to remotely clear the phone of personal information if it is lost or stolen.

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