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DriveSavers Data Recovery Ready for iPhone 5

DriveSavers Data Recovery Ready For IPhone 5

Not an iPhone 5 — but this 3G model fell 26 stories when it was intentionally dropped down the garbage chute of a New York City apartment building. All the data was recovered.

Thinner, lighter, faster and recoverable!
Everyone is talking about the iPhone 5 and we’re no exception here at DriveSavers. Today we’re announcing data recovery services for the Apple iPhone 5 as well as all other Apple devices using the new iOS6 operating system. As the first company to successfully perform iPhone data recovery, DriveSavers offers the fastest and most technologically advanced methodologies and techniques for recovering data from Apple products.

With the latest developments in solid-state technology, smartphones like iPhone 5 have more advanced capabilities, enabling them to be faster, lighter, thinner and more secure. Solid-state storage that is used with all of Apple’s iOS devices enables greater capacity to store data more efficiently and access it faster.

Unexpected mishaps can cause data loss to occur on any mobile device. User error, natural disasters, mishandling and software or hardware issues can all lead to loss of data. Personal videos, digital photos, text messages, emails, attachments, contacts, calendar entries and music are all vulnerable, especially if the data hasn’t been backed up or synched to Apple’s iCloud or to a desktop or laptop computer. It is estimated that less than 10 percent of smartphone users actually back up their content on a regular basis – therefore risking the loss of emotionally valued photos and videos as well as subjecting themselves to the laborious task of replacing long lists of contacts and other data.

DriveSavers has successfully completed more recoveries of solid-state devices than any other data recovery company. With over 30 years of experience recovering data from Apple products, DriveSavers engineers are able to recover data from iPads, iPhones, iPods and any other Apple product that has suffered common or catastrophic data loss.

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